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    Steve Brom Stepchild

    Anyone have a Steve Brom Stepchild for sale?

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    I know a guy that'll sell you his step kids.

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    Is the stepMILF for sale?

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    stepMILF works on commission (Im not even sure what that means!) and for those kids - unless theyre good at diggin stumps and workin in the sun and fetching beer --- then no thanks
    Am interested in the Brom thats out there - seen 'em here over the years and figured it was worth a try

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    I would like a Stepchild or fish from Steve Brom, too. Pretty rare label. They refer to him as TheMagicMan. Old skool quality shaper out of Santa Barbara. I think Clyde Beatty glassed his boards at one time.
    You're in the wrong site - ask over at or Swaylocks and you should get some positive replies.