Tell the ACOE to removing notching of the jetties from their plan until they can provide evidence
of its impact. Public comments can be submitted by email to until Tuesday, March 25.

...if you showed up to tonights protest in Monmouth County good on ya! Solid turnout, mainly fishermen but a handful of concerned surfers. On a personal note, I feel as if the fishermen are really a mobilized group around here. Unlike the majority of surfers, they are not apathetic. NJ surfers need to be more proactive (myself included). Please get the word out, send those emails, or there may not be anything left for you to ride let alone discuss on this forum. I understand that many of you feel as if it is a lost cause and your voices will not be heard but you do matter! Sitting around and complaining about it, without being proactive instead of reactive post replenishment will not do us any good. Thank you for your consideration.