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    Twins vs. Thruster

    So I was out today and yesterday with my 7' board. On my last wave today, I snapped the fin in the back of my thruster formation, i just rode a little to far with the wave into shore . Anyways, the two twin fins still remain. My question is, is it worth buying new fins or will the twin setup now hold up well? With a board this size, will it even matter? What is the difference is how either setup performs?

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    That board is going to feel really skatey as a twin, if I had to guess. I'd say get another set of fins (or a single if you can find one). What kind of board and fins do you have?

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    are you like the last person on earth to only ride a thruster

    if so .... ride it as is and learn something

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    Gallo get a new set of fins your better off. Metard the retard get back to your coloring book, your mommys udders will be ready in about an hour.

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    I broke a fin off an twin and still used it. good fun. but that was during a time in my life when I needed a good thrashing to koo my azz down.

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    The side fins on a thruster placement are further forward than a twin placement would normally be set. So riding your thruster as a twin would be less stable than a board designed to be a twin. You can compensate a bit with much larger side fins if you're set on riding it that way, but it would be best to get it repaired.

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    The rear fin on a thruster does not have to match the fronts. In fact, if you play with it enough, you might find you like another fin much better.

    If you have another set, just drop in the rear fin and ride it.

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    For some reason he's making it sound like a bigger deal..... is it a glassed in fin? If not no problem... just go get another fin. If you're on a tight budget you can probably get one on Craigslist or Ebay for $10.

    As far as performance....(with the utmost respect I'm saying this) If you're riding a 7' thruster and are scraping fins in the sand you aren't going to notice any difference in performance whether it be two fins or three.

    Now if you're riding the 7' thruster (otherwise known as a minigun) at Pipeline then yes you're going to notice a difference! I'm assuming currently you're surfing waist high waves or so somewhere on the east coast and the response of a board that size in that kind of surf is probably that of a longboard.

    No intention of that being or sounding bashing.

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    Maybe he's like 6'8"/ 290lbs. But I agree with this/\

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    Replace that broken center fin asap. I speak from experience here. It's really surprising how wonky a thruster feels with just the two side fins.