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    Why did I open this thread??? Why???

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    Quote Originally Posted by your pier View Post
    fingernails yes, but during and immediately after session and last for up to 12 hours, but begins to subside as soon as I get warm and slowly goes away...within 8-12 hours.

    peeing? i'd say try wearing a brief (speedo, etc.) underneath your suit...maybe things are getting rubbed and moved around down there the wrong way and you need some "restriction" in movement...just a guess, and maybe worth a try.
    I think your pier's doctoring suggestion may be just what the doc ordered. You are simply being rubbed and chafed down there and also under your fingernails. I personally wear two bathing suits to keep that bad
    boy from wandering around too much. One other thing I do when the water gets below 40 degrees is I wear
    a pair of XL Memphis gloves CAT# 7506-XL, style #5025. Pollution from the ocean is pretty caustic
    stuff. I sometimes get stinkeye when I surf in New Jersey's wonderful industrial and human fecal run-off, and other stuff from waste. Even salt spray can irritate the eye. In your case, the stink-eye is in the eye of your manhood and under your fingernails - entirely possible. I recommend the XL gloves as I am 6' 220lbs and I have large hands. Get whatever size are appropriate for your hands.
    Shannon also makes 6.5mil thick gloves like Memphis but you will find the Memphis gloves are probably
    the better, more comfortable glove.

    I think we can eliminate prostate and yeast or std's or other infections since you have it in your
    hands and soda fountain. So your pier gets the sleuth-nod!

    Good luck - I hope you feel better, one big guy to another!

    PS By the way, something I did not mention. If this only happens in cold water, then it might just
    be related to circulation also. You may have mild damage from the extreme cold. I might
    recommend some aspirin or other salicylic acid-containing compound such as willow branches to
    improve your circulation. Just a thought. Aspiring and cayenne peppers can help with blood flow.
    Capsaicin can help with blood flow. I forgot this only happens in the cold water.
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    Thanks, Scorchie my fellow big guy!

    How did you know Im a big guy??

    Do you think latex gloves might do the same trick? I don't think I can fit anything thick under my gloves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubonicphoniks View Post
    Thanks, Scorchie my fellow big guy!

    How did you know Im a big guy??

    Do you think latex gloves might do the same trick? I don't think I can fit anything thick under my gloves.
    I didn't KNOW, I just guessed that you might be! If the 6.5 mil gloves are too thick, then you may
    need to shop around for thinner gloves. But in the worst case, just use little plastic bread bags from
    some shop like a Panera's or your local food store. I wear plastic bags on my feet. I need the bags
    for two reasons: 1) Warmth and 2) It makes it easier to get my wetsuit on and off. So you can
    just use those real thin, see-through bread bags. I might also recommend that after trying a
    bathing suit and perhaps board shorts over them (this is what I do), that if this doesn't work, you
    might need a thicker wetsuit. I wear a 7mm Rip Curl that's quite toasty. My hands and toes
    are what get cold first. Our peripheral circulation is cut-off by a mechanism to keep our internal
    organs warm by allowing more blood flow there. Also, make real sure that your gloves and booties
    are not too tight or that your wetsuit is not too tight. I get cramps out there sometimes.
    I did not cramp up at all this winter - perhaps my circulation is just better for some reason.

    I am very curious if all these things we're suggesting will work - I also thought of other possible
    diseases but perhaps we're getting close - an irritation that's inviting minor infection or just
    inviting pain due to tissue and/or nerve damage. I once wore a 5 mil suit and I must admit
    I was cold out there. I no longer get cold due to my 7 mil suit. We have about another 10
    days of the ocean temperature turning around, then it will go up. Hopefully, you can test some
    of our suggestions. I don't know if we have hit the nail on the head or not. There are so many
    strange afflictions that can get us - let's hope this is just cold, and not something more
    mysterious and hard to deal with. I guess it's not some sort of sand flea or something.
    Personally though, the frequent urination suggest irritation or swelling - I guess a little
    frost-bite type of thing can bring this on. It's mighty cold out there.

    Oh yes, latex gloves should be ok - my Memphis gloves are vinyl, my Shannon's are also vinyl.
    The Shannon Food Service grade 6.5 mil green are just too small so I had to go with the
    Memphis - perhaps Shannon makes an XL but the supplier was out of them. My winter gloves
    are thick and hard to tuck under my wetsuit's arms - so I would like to research getting thinner
    winter gloves.

    Let us know how it goes, enjoy!
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    Ill try the gloves no money for a speedo right now as ridiculous as that is to read/type

    thanks scorchie mate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubonicphoniks View Post
    Ill try the gloves no money for a speedo right now as ridiculous as that is to read/type

    thanks scorchie mate!
    Wow, I forgot to mention that I am only a bit convinced that it's just the cold that's bothering you. You may want to be on the lookout for things like staph infection, hepatitis, some sort of prostate thing, or whatever, lots of other things. I say this because of the frequency of urination. There could be a virus, bacteria, toxin, or parasite in you - these might cause not only the frequent soda fountain, but also some itching and yellowing under the fingernails, among a lot of other symptoms, that you may or may not have. All I can say is it doesn't sound like fun to be peeing and have a burn. I've had burning eyes a bunch of times - it can be almost as bad. Hepatitis is not impossible given your symptoms. Could be bladder or other infection too. Could just be pollution in the water getting under your nails and in the soda fountain.

    It will be interesting to see what happens when it warms up. Wow, you don't have the money for the speedo or boardshorts - man, you are hurting. We might have to take up a collection dude! In the meantime, a pair of nylon gym-shorts will help to insulate you a little. Or pjs or something - just be creative and find some old piece of clothing if you cannot spring for the speedo. Maybe try a goodwill store - or better yet, raid a goodwill box before it gets to goodwill. Hell, if you're that bad off, that's what those goodwill boxes at your local grocery store are for!

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    Joking aside, google your symptoms. Than maybe think about seeing your dr. Good luck, hope everything works out.

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    I've had the peehole burning problem but only when I've surfed in the winter just after sleeping with a college girl. There's something in that east coast water that doesn't sit well with having prior mind-blowing sex. They really need to do something about water pollution. I'm joining surfrider.

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    I still havent stopped laughing