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    sack up man... spend the money... don't you have a day job? stop bumming off your buddies, they catch on faster then you think! just make sure you get icky bumps, sex wax blows.

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    I just use sand on the old wax. Works great. Who knew... The answer was right under out feet this whole time!!

    Only in #belmar

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    pretty cheap on amazon

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    Quote Originally Posted by walkingonh2o View Post
    I just use sand on the old wax. Works great. Who knew... The answer was right under out feet this whole time!!

    Only in #belmar
    That brings back an old memory. Back in the very early 70s when I was a kid in So Cal (Torrance Beach mostly), I used to see guys rubbing sand on their boards to roughen up the wax right before going out. In a short time, more and more sand would get stuck in the wax, eventually making the top of the board brown and increasingly abrasive and uncomfortable to lie on without a t-shirt or tank top. This was before rash guards. I tried surfing a few times back then, but never got into it. I do recall the chest and stomach rash/abrasions from the sand in the wax. Then it would be time to remove the old wax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radderbsurfin View Post
    My wife and son have a weird ear issue. I've been making my own wax. I'm saving $1.50 every couple months!
    no....really? OUT OF THAT??

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    My wife buys my wax. No idea where she gets it, but she fills my stocking at xmas with enough to get through the year. A mix of temps.

    I almost always head out pre-dawn so stopping on the way for a surf is not an option for me.

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    I would switch surf shops! Most shops give it away to their customers.

    I think the only time I pay for wax is in an emergency, like the surf shops are closed and I have to get wax at the 7-11.

    Whenever I go on a trip I usually hit the surf shop to stock up on supplies like flops, baggies, leash, ding kit etc... they obviously know you're headin out on a trip and will usually throw in like 10 bars. You're spending a lot of money on all the other crap!

    The margin on wax for surf shops is a few cents. They really aren't making anything off selling wax. This is why most shops give it away.

    If you're really gung-ho you can make your own wax. Its very easy to do. There's many different recipes and combos you can use and even do an organic wax.

    I made a killer organic wax that worked extremely well. A little too well! Actually was too sticky!

    Do a little homework on the web and you'll find some recipes.

    Basically Bee's wax, coconut oil, clay, pine rosin etc.... you can use regular wax too. Most ingredients can be bought at a craft shop or grocery store.

    The key is though, exact measurements! There is a very fine balance/ratio of bees wax and the coconut oil. This is also very important depending on the water temp! You will have to adjust your measurements/ratio's according to what temp wax you are seeking.

    On a side note, this is more of an organic wax. There are a few different oils you can use and many other ingredients to make sticky or less sticky. The clay can be utilized if you are making a base coat type wax.

    I worked with this guy back and forth a few years ago and this was one of our recipes:
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