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    Can anyone provide review of Firewire Sweet Potato

    Can anyone provide review of Firewire Sweet Potato.


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    I can't, but Noah Snyder can:

    Personally, I really want to get their TimberTek Baked Poato, once my tax refund gets in, man oh man.

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    I don't know what kind of waves you'll be taking it out in, but that design will work best in mushy surf... I'd guess from knee to about head high. I've done a few for guys with a slightly different tail shape for punchier surf here in NJ, but with the same foil, bottom, rails, etc... with good feedback. The super full tail shape isn't ideal for steep waves of any size.

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    It's a really fun board for thigh to chest high waves and it cruises through the flat sections better than any board I've ever had. Agreed that it is hard to ride in steep waves unless you get in really early.....even if you get in early the nose is so flat that it gets caught up if you try to get too close to the wall/ have to ride it short though---I'm 6'1 and riding a 5'4 ...which to me is crazy!?! It is like a more modern simmons although I am not an expert on simmons so someone can tell you more about that

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    I have a sweet potato, love it.... I bought a 5'6 I only weigh 165 and wish now I would have gone smaller. The board is great in mush waves. I have been told anything over shoulder to head high and it gets crazy skatey loose never bothered taking it out on anything over 3ft. I have been out with it on days when only long boarders were catching waves and was able to catch waves and have a nice session. Board is really fun and loose needs to be surfed on your back foot. I originally had cheap plastic fins for it and found that the tail washed out a lot. Upgraded the fins to controllers and made a big difference. A lot of guys are trying the seaworthy controllers and liking them more as it loosens the board up and allows for better turning. Hope this helps a little.

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    fun board but don't think it fits the shape of the waves that i surf.. anything with any sort of steep face i didn't like it.. so i bought a potatonator and goes much better imo

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    There is also a baked potato which is similar with a little less vol/ more pulled in

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    It's a super fun board for everyday conditions. I'll grab it every time there's a waist to stomach high wave. I'm 5'10 170lbs and ride the 5'4 which is perfect for me. I've gotten barreled on it a few times but it's definitely not designed for that type of wave. It paddles great, floats great and gets you in early though. Great addition to my quiver!

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    Something I've noticed with mine is that it's super sensitive to what fins you put in it. You'll probably find that you need more fin area than you usually ride on your normal shortboard. I like the AM2 fronts with qd2 400 techflex trailers. I want to try the controllers, but they're a bit spendy. If you don't have enough fin in the board, it's going to feel like it has no drive.

    I ride a 5'2" and am 5'9" 165.