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    Drying your wetsuit

    So as I was trying to sleep last night, what might be a genius thought came to me. Which is to put a wetsuit in a vacuum bag then use a wet vac to extract the water.

    Im planning on a cross-country tour in which I want to get as much stoke as possible and the least amount of terrible wetsuit smell in my car.

    Thoughts? anybody try this before?

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    There is still moisture in the bag, I would be worried about mold starting. Maybe extract water with vacuum, then hang out to dry, might speed up drying time.

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    Hang it inside out for a few hours. If your driving, rig some type of device to attach the wetsuite to your vehicle and it will air dry as you cruise for a few miles- then pull over and bring it in lol. Also, bring more than one wetsuite incase one gets lost or ripped or its cold and the suite is wet.

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    spin it in the dryer

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    Give it a try with your wetsuite and reports back to

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    I thought it was crazy he was gonna bring a wet vac on a road trip, now y'all have him bringing a dryer

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    tie your wetsuit around the side mirror. it will dry pretty quick. i see locals doing it all the time, so it must be effective. i don't know what it will do for booty smell, though

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    rubbermade tote, crazy glue a pack of dehydrated silica gel like Damp Rid ~$3 Wallmart to the bottom of the lid, it will pull out a lot of the moisture from the tote

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    Im planning on putting a wooden raised bed, so I can put other supplies under it(rav4). Figured a 5gallon wetvac might come in handy for numerous reasons and would fit under the platform. Was hoping someone tried this before I had to spend money to try it. I think it will be to cold for old souls idea.

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    Also grainofsand, how long does that take to dry a suit out?