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    Stolen surfboard!!! My new alaia is gone!

    Just wanted to let you all know that I had a surfboard stolen right off the beach. I was surfing out in front of access 40 at Wrightsville Beach on another board when it happened. The board stolen was an alaia I had just made the board the day before! I'm stoked in a way cause someone thought it was cool enough to steal, but bummed that it's gone. Any help would be much appreciated!<br />-Josh Klein<br />Xylem Surfboards

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    If it was a local I pitty the fool. It's not like it was a white CI or Lost HPSB in San Diego. Hope you catch him riding it.

    "Um...Hey that's my board!" "Does it have your name on it." "Yes. Smack!!"

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    so many lost dogs made me sad

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    Sucks! Good luck

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    They're not lost. They were kidnapped and forced in to sexual slavery. First they get them hooked on dope then sell them.

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    so many lost dogs made me sad

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    If that was that foggy Saturday, I think saw you or someone else out there walking with an Alaia towards the pier (I remember thinking to myself, "weird, an alaia")

    Will keep an eye out on the South End. Would recommend sending a photo and/or description in to WBlive. Unique board, someone will see it again sooner than later.. Good luck man!

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    Thanks guys

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