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    New to New England

    Been scoping spots out here for awhile on MSW. Anyone heading anywhere good this weekend? Looking to go out but always a little nervous when I get to a new spot and NOBODY is out. I have no issues heading out alone but at a new spot I've never been to I like to err on the side of caution.

    As in... If it looks good and no other surfers are out there... theres probably a reason.

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    Careful of the Lobstersharks they will rip your friggin legs off. Also if you hear a Bostonian say ``Wiccan`` as in this food is ``wikked good`` or ``this break is wicked good`` dont eat that food or surf that break. We have a long history of witches and I would hate to see you get caught up in it.

    As far as surfing a wave that no one is on.. man up dont be a sheep. Spread the surf population out a bit. If you see people out find another spot that is less crowded, that should be the mentality. Dont smoke what Emasspicoli smokes and stay out of Malibu Lebowski.

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    yea, it's not hard to find empty lineps in new england if its not hurricane season