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    Quote Originally Posted by epictetus View Post
    Hmmmm. Probably no waves in Winthrop today...
    Nothin but 23 footrs

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    Quote Originally Posted by KillaKiel View Post
    I suggest Q-tips with hydrogen peroxide on them, a lengthy shower with scalding hot water. Be sure to clean between the toes and every other nook and cranny.

    Every now and then the CHesapeake Bay will go off. courtesy of all those northern factories as well as those further up the river in VA, a lot of nastiness will get in there. A lot of guys have gotten sick surfing the bay. Clean the wetsuit with the wetsuit shampoo while you are at it.

    How would you like to get MRSA? Don't F with it dude.

    Do they have showers there? If not, bring some hot, soapy water with you for a pre-cleaning.

    Earplugs are a good idea too...

    I love to surf and I hate infections. Hope this helps.
    See recent article:
    Certainly would not recommend going out in polluted water after skin surgery.

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    Anyone looking for an apartment by the beach in Winthrop give me a shout.