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i did my time down there and got out literally as fast as i could. i was in charlotte county.

Did your time huh? I guess it is sort of like a prison sentence. I always say to my brother in law, "we might as well be mountain climbers because there aren't any mountains here either." Thats why we get big offshore boats and fish our azzes off. That and a few trips to PR every year along with some east coast jaunts gets us by. Like I said, you think your break sucks? We hardly break.

no no i worked for a company down there. had a contracted amount of time i was to be working the project. once the project finished i bailed.

i would go to stump pass and surf there. surfed venice jetties a few times too. maybe 10 rideable days in 2 years and it was usually blowing like the ****ens out of the north or south when there were waves.