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Thread: Wtf!

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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post
    thing about not buying beachfront? less likelihood of the ocean washing away my home. only fools & tourists buy right on the beach. they could stop all beach replenishment & fortification tomorrow & my home wouldn't be in any danger for another 50-100 years.
    You just made my point. Replenishment isn't for middle class people. I was talking about oceanfront homes. I was talking about how the replenishment is all about millionaires and their mansions on the sea and how red tape suddenly dissapears, but you turned this into an argument. Again this was just a deflection on your part anyway.

    your reading comprehension skills really blow. i'm not saying that at ALL.
    AND below we have your original statement which shows I can read just fine.

    but half a decade is an eye blink or less on a geological time scale & i'm certainly NOT a replenishment apologist. i just don't think it's worth the hand-wringing & caterwauling that a lot of people do over it. it's not like we're burying killer dana beneath a breakwater or something.
    You can say you're not a relenishment apologist, but what you say after that completely contradicts that.
    Nothing wrong with my reading comprehension skills. Where in this statement did you simply say it was pointless to complain AFTER and the proper time to complain was before? That is not what you said. Nothing wrong with my comprehension. You basically say people shouldn't bother complaining and it's not a big deal. It IS a big deal Yes moaning after the fact is useless FOR THAT SPECIFIC BREAK, BUT it does bring attention to what it can do your break and brings awareness to people so they can stop the next one. So in fact it serves a purpose complaining about a break that has recently been replenished. The key is to adjust future replenishments. You need to do that during the comment period.
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    Belmar is practically shore break as it is now so I dont think belmar will be ruined long term. Might not even be as horribly different by the time a few storms come through.

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    conthunter: worst. poster. ever. fock off

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    What's tough right now is that almost all of Monmouth county breaks , minus the selective east south easterly swell to the hook, has been replenished. In years past it would be one beach or one town, not almost all of them at once. I hope a big storm takes all that sand back without damaging people's homes or livelihood and every town has a break. At this rate there's going to be one or two spots with 100 guys in the lineup. I don't have the social abilities to deal with that.

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    DUDE-SKIS BELMAR JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER- they are pumping all the sand off the reef

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    Didn't really care about beach replenishment until I moved back east. But now I own a home on an island, in the Atlantic, and if they need to pump sand and mess up the surf to keep the land intact, then so be it.

    I agree that its a waste of money etc. But this is like the same double edge sword that surfers always have.

    It's easy to sit on this website, begging for a huge hurricane to come up the coast, so we can all score waves... Thats east to say if you don't live on these islands. If you don't live close to the beach. If all you care about is the waves, then you probably dont have anything personally invested near a shoreline.

    I mean, my dad retired in DE. His house is about 3 miles inland and he always jokes about how in 20 years, his property will be beach front.

    I agree that with proper execution, the effects on surf breaks could be minimized, but here is the truth people:

    NO ONE CARES!!!!

    If you think in areas like OC JERZ, or OC MD (That has 180 blocks of public beaches and opens 2 TINY BLOCKS OF IT to surfers everyday while in season) give two sh**s about the surf, you are kidding yourself. Those beaches are for swimming only cause the hotels and the taxes. Those touristas pay the bills. They keep the economy going. They are at your local beach, paying the bills all summer so they can stand waist deep in the ocean and duck under a few shore pounders. No one drives all the wave from Ohio every year to surf....

    NO ONE CARES BUT US. And we don't have any "skin" invested... Revenue doesnt come from surfers.

    Without these hotels, businesses, timeshares and rentals, your beach town as you know it wouldn't even exist. There would be no jobs. No income. No community.

    Its different in CA and HI. People go there to watch the surf and surfers. Its part of the tourism. Its iconic. They protect surf on the west coast. They don't black ball beaches all summer. Sh**, they cater more to surfers out there than the tourists...

    But the bills get paid out there and everyone is happy...

    If you think anyone but me and six other people give two sh**s about the surf on Hilton Head Island, you are wrong.

    The protect the real estate. It is actually the local governments job to do this. They are doing their job....

    I know, the other argument is how dangerous these shorebreak conditions could be on tourists... Again, no one cares. People get hurt in the ocean regardless. It doesnt affect the price of tea in china.

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    I don't care since I don't live in jersey but I blame all the #Belmar crap. That's what you get for annoying the hell out of everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seldom seen View Post
    RIP random break in Belmar.
    +1 bruddah

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    They just pumped sea girt on (xmas day) but it seems to have settled back to about 80 pct as good and
    hopefully getting better.

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    my outfit we murk biches

    click click bang bang we in the murda bizness