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    thing about not buying beachfront? less likelihood of the ocean washing away my home. only fools & tourists buy right on the beach. they could stop all beach replenishment & fortification tomorrow & my home wouldn't be in any danger for another 50-100 years.
    You just made my point. Replenishment isn't for middle class people. I was talking about oceanfront homes. I was talking about how the replenishment is all about millionaires and their mansions on the sea and how red tape suddenly dissapears, but you turned this into an argument. Again this was just a deflection on your part anyway.

    your reading comprehension skills really blow. i'm not saying that at ALL.
    AND below we have your original statement which shows I can read just fine.

    but half a decade is an eye blink or less on a geological time scale & i'm certainly NOT a replenishment apologist. i just don't think it's worth the hand-wringing & caterwauling that a lot of people do over it. it's not like we're burying killer dana beneath a breakwater or something.
    You can say you're not a relenishment apologist, but what you say after that completely contradicts that.
    Nothing wrong with my reading comprehension skills. Where in this statement did you simply say it was pointless to complain AFTER and the proper time to complain was before? That is not what you said. Nothing wrong with my comprehension. You basically say people shouldn't bother complaining and it's not a big deal. It IS a big deal Yes moaning after the fact is useless FOR THAT SPECIFIC BREAK, BUT it does bring attention to what it can do your break and brings awareness to people so they can stop the next one. So in fact it serves a purpose complaining about a break that has recently been replenished. The key is to adjust future replenishments. You need to do that during the comment period.
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