I realize that as the demand of oil and gas rises that oil companies will venture into new exploratory drills in deep water. If they could make money drilling in 60 foot water they would, but as oil sources deplete and become scarce deep water drilling will become for prevalent in the Gulf of Mexico. Will a Deep Water Horizon accident happen again? Are we heading toward a future where oil rigs will be visible from Pensacola Beach or Panama City? Right now they are not, but if you look at the Mississippi and Louisiana coast they are everywhere. Granted there beaches don't bring in the tourism like our beaches, but where will the drilling stop. What is keeping the oil companies from drilling off our coast in the future? I have a feeling in the future when the demand for oil is at it's peak drilling will ensue off the Florida gulf coast. I'm not saying the gulf coast is special compared to other areas, and I know we have nothing like the L.A. river to pollute our waters, but when black oil washes ashore on Pensacola Beach, FL, I have to ask myself, is this water safe? I know I'm just ranting, but I'm scared of the future my kids will inherit, and I think that is the concern of most people today. All we can do is express concern and hope, or that's how I see it. "One Love"

Soul surfer through in through.