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    If Kelly's backdoor barrel was a 10 Bruce deserved a 12 for his pipe barrel.

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    the thing I hate the most of these aussie contests is the bias judging.i know theres judges that represent each part of the world,but stop throwing these scores out.micks winning wave was a high 8 and if Kelly did a ride like that hed get a 4.he threw no spray whatsoever.jordy does some crazy turns

    and loses.john john does a nice air,a 10,no more like micks winning score a high 8.i remember the gold coast last yr,parko started off the semis with a 10 for 2 barrels 1 wave that he barely got coverd up.kelly in the finals rides that sandsucking closeout and gets a 9 instead of a 10.iv been watching contests for a long time,10 yrs ago u had to earn a 10,they didn't throw them out like they do now

    heres an example from the past

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    Btw, when I was last in the PNW I heard a rumor that the final scene in Point Break said to be at Bells was really shot at a certain cove in OR.
    no trees at bells beach.