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could be interesting. i'll offer up my 3 genuine CB bonzers for you to study, LB...rails, fin placement, concaves, rocker, etc...i also have 3 different sizes of bonzer center fins: 6", 6.5", & 7", so we can try the different sizes out see which we like best. 6.5" seems to be the winner for me, but the jury is still out on the 7".
Cool... I rode the one I shaped with a 7" center and the standard solid glass True Ames side runners. I guess the only thing to do now is decide on dims... If you look at the "contemporary" models, what would you ride? They don't have the e-wing, but we could do that anyway... I'll start the conversation with 6'6x19x2.5... liking round tails, but could do that Lost winged round tail and make it an e-wing. Thoughts?