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    Quality Boards for!!!

    Hey All...

    Previous person interested in the Proctor/Coil hasn't followed up with me so these boards are back on the chopping block--priced really well...

    Want to give the SI crew some quality boards on the cheap (consider it a SI discount)...all boards are in great shape no open dings, typical pressures though...also prices are OBO. Click the craigslist ad for more pics and dims--however, PM me if you're interested and want the SI price!

    5'9" Proctor Scarecrow (great board and daily driver)...$300 obo craigslist ad

    5'9" Coil Wider wider board...$275 obo craigslist ad
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    Nice, but I assume these are all in Jersey?

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    Ah every time you post that Wynn step-up it makes me want to get in the car and drive to Jersey! Some nice looking boards, surprised they've hung around as long as they have.

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    Are you willing to ship these boards? if so I may be very interested

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    Hey Sponge...yup they're all located in NJ! Additionally, Mac....I'm willing to ship at the buyers expense...I have a local greyhound's cheap and with insurance...great way to ship. Shipped two boards to NY with no issues...however, if you want to use another method you'll need to set it up.

    NewEngland...yea the step up looks even better in's based off of a Akila Aipa twin fin step-up (nt., below).

    Bump to the top!

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    5'5" SR Hypto pending...a few interested in the twinzer quiver. all PMs answered!!!

    Bump to the top!!!

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    Twinzer quiver has been sold!!! Bump to the top...

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    Hey hows that hypto krypto ride.

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    Proctor and coil have been sold!

    Hey burton...hypto rides like a really stable fish--really holds a line with the pin tail.


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    Bumping this up to the top as the person interested in the coil/proctor hasn't follow up with me via PM for the SI price...all boards are OBO...