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    Holy crap! metard was before his time all along. No surprise bro.

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    Or you could just open your mouth and tell them that what they are doing is bothering you. Don't be passive aggressive. Tell them why you're mad bro

    agreed to a point, sometimes verbalizing makes it worse. passive aggressive is for chics, so just be full on aggressive with the paddling, not passively aggressive, but be prepared
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    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post
    the vids is down forever.... however... here is the best you'll get.

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    LMO... well you gave a warning, that's all you can do! Fitzpedo! that really is a hilarious story!

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    dudes i had some guy surfing my break and had never seen him before, i wasnt really happy about this because its my break and no one elses, paddle straight out to him and caught a few waves. he was so blasted by my skills he got out of the water and left, actions speak louder than words on this carolina coast son.

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    People down here are very well behaved in the lineup. Been here 1.5 years and these are honestly better lineups than anywhere I surfed regularly in CA. The waves may not be epic, but everyone knows what they are doing. We all spread out. Its very rare that there is just one concentrated peak, but even if there is, everyone waits their turn. We have SUPs out in the lineup and they behave.

    So, all in all, I am very happy with the condition of the lineups on HHI. Its really only locals that end up surfing where I do. Its not really a tourist beach, and all the tourists want to do is take pictures and ask you about surfing when you get out.

    But as for all that aggression, I thought it was pretty much standard operating procedures in ANY lineup, that if you blow a wave more than 1-2 times, it is from that point forward an open invitation to get burned until you somehow prove otherwise that you can get waves...

    Im not Mr. Agro in the lineup, but if you make me miss a wave twice, I am going from then on. I am very skilled at the pop-off move. I mean, if you legitimately get up, I will pop off the back by the time you are standing. But without even exchanging words, that individual will usually back off when they see you going. In their "summer-pro" mind, they just got burned, but at the end of the day, they will move away from you...

    You can't just be out there blowing waves. Anywhere. I mean, even REAL pros let the average Joe get waves. All you have to do is show them you are committing and go, and until you start blowing it, they won't roll all up on you. You paddle too close to guys like that or try and get around them, you will usually have issues really quickly.

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    Wow what a bunch of crying. This is the pussification of surfing, folks. Everyone wait your turn and play nicely. We will be checking beach passes and parking vouchers today at 11am. Remember, no more tears is the official shampoo of noswellinfo.