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Thread: Out of the Loop

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    Out of the Loop

    I havent bought a new board in about 3 years now. Ive been riding my 6-2 wrv potato chipper. Unfortunately, my weight has gone up since then, Im now about 190lb at 6 foot. So Ive been looking into some of the newer boards that have variations in them (more foam in the middle but still lots of speed)...V3 Rocket, Shred Sled and Hypto Krypto. Anyone out there that can give an aging bulging surfer some advice on whats out there in the market, feel free to let me known...perrrsheatit.

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    Check out a Lost v2 stub 6'0". I got one for small summer surf and it happens to work in all kinds of surf, barrels included. I ride it as a quad and barely ride my other boards because it's that fun, fast, and versatile. I weigh 190 too, but I'm lean and 6'2".