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    Just moved to coastal SC recently, but in 2012, it was present and spun some swell up to the gulf coast. So, I guess depending on it's position, it will be great. Our water stays plenty warm down here so thats not really a factor, but if it would hold its proper position and not get too close, I would expect that both SC, southern NC and Jersey would go ballistic. It it gets too south or west, I think most activity strikes in the Gulf area.

    But what I gather from the Bermuda High's is that its just a sling shot for swells. It will hold tropical depressions and storms and when it moves a little one way or the other, it launches them up a coast line. Where it lands, nobody knows. From a surfing standpoint, I guess its the beez-neez.

    I would also assume they produce enough local windswell activity to keep things fun on a very regular basis.... I have not tracked Highs like that for a hobby really, but I did realize for whatever reason, the summer down here was LEAPS and bounds better than the winter. Its not epic, but there were 2-4 days per week on a regular basis of drifty, local windswell in the chest plus area. It was actually heavier in the summer quite a few times down here. Again, nothing epic, but way more wave activity than normal the rest of the year, and followed by such a terrible fall, summer felt like a northshore winter in comparison.

    I guess there may have been a Bermuda high, close enough that it was just spinning and spinning and getting that local windswell coming, with the occason shift of it getting the wind back offshore...

    But I will take punchy beach break with onshore wind all day over clean dribbles with offshores.
    We get a SW wind out of them in VA. It can provide an 8-10 second swell that most bars seem to handle, but it goes South with the winds on a lot of days as well.

    I know we had a thread about it when we got a solid one in 2012. I will revitalize it

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    Here is your average outlook:

    May - consistent mix of NE and S swells, a decent system once a week
    June - mostly S swells, and systems are getting weaker, but systems still come fairly consistently. Its not too unordinary to get that first smaller tropical storm in June that starts in the gulf and rides of the coast.
    July - Things are slowing down. small 2-4' south swells, maybe one NE wind swell during the month
    August - Generally the slowest month of the summer, unless the tropical Atlantic heats up early. Mostly super small S wind swells.
    September - Mostly tropical swells, and more strength in the S wind swell, especially towards the end of the month
    October - Frontal systems are stronger, good S swells and more NE swells, and still some tropical activity. Potential for 1 or 2 mega hybrid frontal systems that combine with tropical entities in October into November.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SI_Admin View Post
    Potential for 1 or 2 mega hybrid frontal systems that combine with tropical entities in October into November.

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    NWS nailed the tropical outlook last year, I mean, they really f~ckin nailed it!

    I want to get in on the 6 figure f~ck-ups club. They're laughing all the way to the bank, while blowing forecasts left and right.

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    when we usually have a good winter of swells,the atmosphere stops cooperating for the summer.ever since sandy,lol,I laugh everytime I hear the word "superstorm",they said these were the storms of the future...yea ok..well then they said for last year we are looking at a lot of storms,wrong again.based on my experience,when we have 4-5 epic swells for the winter,instead of 10-15 epic swells(like this winter) well have an active cane season.when we have a winter like we just had,the atmosphere already cleaned herself out so no future storms.i say keep enjoying the spring while its still here