5/12: Solid Day of bangin hindus and shotin piers. Drove my bad a$$ whip to Belmar, slanged a couple stocks on da way and made mo money to add to my 6 figure income. Got to the beach and it was only 18ft so did about 500 bench presses with 750lbs on da bar. By mid morning the medical waste had thined and the waves were building to 23ft. Grabbed my quiver of 24 new CI's and had my entourage of hindus carry em to da sand. Chose the one that I wanted to ride and threw tha rest in a dumpster casue I'm just that goddamned rich! Went out droppe dthe biggest set wave in NJ history, busted 17 airs, got pitted 6 times, threw dozens of hacks, slashes and Carolina cutbacks. Saw the honeyton pier approaching and drew a sweet line down the face, came screamin out da otherside of da pier like jizz flyin from my disco stick on to ya mom's face! What can I say just another day in the awesome life that I live, needless I say more?