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    Stepped on the first stingray of the season

    Is there any way of avoiding them!? They always scare the **** outta me

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    Shuffle your feet when walking out.

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    shuffle your feet and dont look down.

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    I take it the tail/barb didn't get you.
    Do the "stingray shuffle" and don't spend a lot of time wading out...or in. (Seems "in" and "out" are sometimes used interchangeably.)
    I landed on a large ray or skate last summer when hopping off my board on the way in (to get out of the water). Startled the heck out of me. Then I just felt lucky its tail hadn't gotten me.
    Certain times of the year or season may be worse - from a human perspective - than others. I assume that would be when it's warmer, breeding time, or there's a large food supply in the area. I need to become more familiar with their habits.

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    Them ****ers are nasty when you step on them, last summer one flew up on my board as I was walking into the surf and I screamed like a little girl

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    Thank Mother Ocean you didn't step on a skate!

    Sting rays have a barb on the end of their tail. Skates have 3 pronged sharp barbs in lines all over their entire body. Ask any fisherman about their first encounter with a skate. Everybody has gotten stabbed trying to handle them atleast once. There really is no proper way to handle them(that isn't harmful to the fish).

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    ah.....hate that

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    Would it be easier just to dance all the way in?

    Bottle of wine, some liqueur of the deer variety, and two nice glasses of Suisse absinthe later, don't hold the above line against me.

    So seriously....I just assume dance a bit if it keeps me from getting smashed in the calf by some nasty little demon of the sand.

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    Those things sketch me out. I'd much rather deal with coral reef & urchins than those mobile, buried-in-the-sand medieval little fukkers.

    (the break is always better at reef than beach anyways)

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    I don't understand WHY they don't sting people more often. Can someone tell me? My cousin stepped on one of them, ray or skate, I don't know, it scared the pee out of him. He's still so eager to get out now...