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  1. El Salvador/Nica or MEXICO?

    Hello you all. I just came back from a 3 week surf trip in Santa Catalina, Panama. Had a blast, la punta was only firing a couple of days but scored it about 6 feet and it was pretty gnarly. Also scored Morrillos which is a beach break about an hour and a half in a boat which was awesome. I've also been to Nica twice (popoyo area) and scored it kinda big and I was able to manage it ok. So, I'm planning a trip with my homie. we're both intermediate regulars, still working on getting barrelled, can do some snaps, floaters, etc.

    so my question is, would you say it'll be better for us to spend a month in el salvador and mica (both north and popoyo) or rent a car and drive through mexico? i know mexico is pretty gnarly, so we don't really know if we'll be able to manage it. what would you do? and also, which part of el salvador or mexico would you recommend? heard mainland mexico and some other part of mexico, but don't really understand how it works. thanks

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    El Sal and Mex are both awesome. Mex offers a better varieties of waves but the waves are pretty spread out. El salvador basically has two areas . The West has a handful of spots spread out with in about 15 miles, the east has flores and mango. It is cheap in both countries. If you do Mex fly into PV, rent a car and drive south. You could also fly into Zihua and go from there. Mexico is safe especially if you speak spanish. Make sure y9ou NEVER drive at night.

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    i have done el sal and mica; sounds like you might benefit from a structured surf tour…..theres nothing
    wrong with using a guide. its been my experience they don't cost much and can "have your back" in
    area where you might be prey….

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    go explore mainland mexico, so many spots to be found. . .

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    the surf guide websites look awesome

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    You guys sure about traveling into Mexico right now? I live by South Padre Island(30min from Mexican border) and all I hear is shooting this and kidnapping that. I'm Hispanic, have family in Mexico, speak Spanish and not even I would gamble on traveling into Mexico right now. Most of what I hear is from family members cause the media cannot even report all the drug related violence. Just my two cents that's all, cause I've been just waiting for it to clear up to hit up the spots in Mexico as well.

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    Just got back from Nica...stayed right in front of many setups within an hour/motorcycle ride. If I had a month don't know if I would've came back. Nica would be my call...given my recent experience...

    However, I agree with may need a bit more support...nothing wrong with it...but plenty of infrastructure in the popoyo area...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juancbernardez View Post
    can do some snaps, floaters, etc.


    Sorry to laugh at you homie, but that was funny to me
    steps to success
    step one) go to to Nicaragua for a month, stay at Colorados, surf everyday, if its 'too big' find a boat to manzanillo
    step two) drop in, keep your shoulders facing out of the tube and your face on the face of the wave
    step three) repeat and get tubed until you lose count

    there is waaaay more surf than you can handle. I am not talking size, I am talking about volume. thousands of perfect waves with perfect wind are waiting, you will tire out before the ocean gives up

    Mexico has less consistent winds, but more swell

    I went to Nica for a month and it was chest high 3 days, every other day was head+with perfect winds. go surf 6-8 hours a day for 30 days and see how you feel.

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    if all things work out, ill be hittin nica with a little crew sept. Cant stay for a month, but stayin in front of colorados if all again goes to plan.

    And having just road tripped thru baja, it didnt seem that dangerous. I mean it was 2ish months ago now, but it seemed safe as any other 3rd world country.