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Thread: weekend winds?

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    weekend winds?

    hate those local winds, they are the x-factor here on DelMarVa. so far most of the major sites have no concurrence on what our local winds will be for our next swell event. This has been the case for the past 3 days and continues at this time.

    Swellinfo has remained the same throughout, with minor mods made so far.

    Where you going to go in the Morning? if those winds are NE/NNE/N/NNW come Sat?

    The OCMD has not been laid to waste by this last beach fill. Plenty of spots and finger bars have appeared. A beach run at low tide shows/tells the truth. However, spots north may be the call with the above mentioned winds in mind. >> don't forget that one spot (ocmd) is closed off for the weekend, so don't bother checking it <<

    Once/if the winds stay true. the whole coast should be fine for all. Best of luck to everyone.

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    Yeah man, I am planning to get out tomorrow morning, regardless of the wind calls. Its also calling for crazy rain and thunder tomorrow, so if there is even a glimmer of hope, I am going to get on it. Going to go into work late friday, because the winds are "expected" to turn slight offshore and ideal over night and stay that way down here in SC for the following couple days, but as we all know, every second of that offshore wind will slowly destroy our blessed swells.

    I would almost wish for an extra day of onshore flow to keep things going an extra day or so.