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zach, your oversimplified solution is breathtaking!, have this been tried in history? if not we should start right now. you get a gun and a badge, go round them up and bring them to the camp....
But seriously, I know there is more to it, but if I hear one more argument by a defense attorney about someone's "mental health" i myself am going to need some mental health assistance. I mean, I guess what I am trying to say is that you can categorize EVERY KIND OF CRIMINAL as one who has "mental health" issues.

Child Molester: Obviously has mental health issues
Murderer: ""
Drug Addict: ""
Abusive Husband: ""
Kid Who Plots School Shooting: ""
Sluts: ""
Gangsters: ""
Drug Dealer: ""
Girl Who Tries to Commit Vehicular Homicide: ""
Strippers: ""
Alcoholics: ""
Religious "Nuts": ""
Terrorists: ""

I mean, you name a crime, and take 10 medical professionals and they will all agree that said criminal has "Mental Health Issues" and if they had been addressed properly, then they wouldn't have done such terrible things.

Mental Health == Criminal Mentality... They are one in the same, but they should not be held seperately...

I mean, can you IMAGINE what a bunch of Hollywood Shrinks would say if they interviewed Hitler?

I mean, they would have a field day... Ohh, this guy has SOOOO many issues and has mental health problems... REALLY? YA THINK???? I mean, if only he had taken his Paxil, he wouldn't have killed 6 million people...

Give me a break. Every criminal in the history of crime has had mental health issues. Its call CRIME! If you are leading a lifestyle that has a lot of criminal activity in it, you probably need to be in jail, not on meds.

Cause trust me, 25 to life will get your mind right quicker than a mental trip to candy land every time the sun doesn't shine.