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Thread: Dear Hipsters

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    Quote Originally Posted by CBSCREWBY View Post
    Slashdog, This is worthy of actual publishing! I kid you not... Well Written.
    Yeah man... nailed it. I think we need to submit that to Wiki's "hipster" page

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slashdog View Post
    surfers spent time at the beach, SURFING.
    Or online surf forums.

    As for the whole work of yours, quality piece of electro-literature there, Slashdog. I like what I read bro!

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    Quote Originally Posted by leetymike808 View Post
    Buddies and i call Axe "liquid sex", cause chicks really do ALWAYS tell you you smell good after a spray of that stuff.
    Glad I wasn't delusional about this. Still, every time the wahines do mention that we smell good, I get that "damn, breh, this is too easy!" feeling. Sense of smell is very tied to emotion and how a woman perceives a man. A $5 bottle of aerosol spray from Walgreens and all of a sudden every girl is a layup. Did females everywhere unite (on a web surfing forum, maybe...) and all agree that Axe denotes a man worth having? Kind of takes the skill out of the game but whatever. They must be putting some Spanish Fly in them Axe bottles!