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have to respectfully disagree. one succeeds as a brand by GIVING THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT. firewire has a modern product line , boss website, higher durability (in general), and has embraced the concept of (appropriate) volume which has been sorely lacking forever. also they seem to do cross-dressing meaning that if you're conservative ride a dominator or if you're whack ride a tomo or if you can't make up your mind heres' 15 models to try. i'm on my third and almost went out and bought number 4 yesterday.
what i meant was their marketing of the flex characteristics of their tech, which is what the brand was originally known for & most of their marketing revolved around that concept. that's something no one really seems to talk about anymore.
the other stuff, i totally agree w/ you on...they were one of, if not the, first to put the volume on the board along w/ the big 3: LxWxT & they certainly have a dizzying array of models & designs to choose from just in their own catalog, never mind the collaborative efforts w/ biolos, tomo, LSD, etc...
personally, i don't like the way they ride. but to each their own. out of curiosity, what 3 models do you currently have & what was #4 going to be?