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Thread: north or south

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    north or south

    what's your call for bertha? head north to snc/obx or south to fla? i'm not looking for secret spots or anything just a curious poll.

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    Never thought I would say this but Georgia looks to be good for swellinfo conditions.
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    with a frontal system hanging off the coast, it looks like wind could be dicey along the banks, but conditions are looking pretty good in florida with the SW flow.

    it will however be bigger to the north.

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    georgia??? are you serious??? good luck with that.

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    i'm going to JAX...

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    I'm looking to shoot smyrna or sebastian surfers... as in surf photography.

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    Thumbs up Surf Photos of you all!

    This upcoming weekend the Big Surf Daddy will be taking pics up at Sebastian... most likely. Anyone interested in getting their mugs and boards immortalized then contact me at my site, - follow the instructions for contacting me.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by pawley View Post
    georgia??? are you serious??? good luck with that.
    Yes everyone hurry georgia is all the rage these days... everyone flock to georgia!!!

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    heading to jax or flagler....all the way from dirty myrtle

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    bald head island.....
    cherry grove inlet....
    north island inlet....
    cape romain....

    i think FL will pick some of it up, but the periods up here and SNC will be just nice. think you'd need to go a bit farther north than the banks.