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Wait until they blow up Nicaragua for the new canal the Chinese are building. Bigger than the Panama Canal. Will ruin Lake Nicaragua too. San Juan del Sur is going to be a dump.
I feel bad for all the ex-pats that bought land down there.
Feel bad for all the expats? I hope that's sarcasm. At least the expats have a non-polluted, functional, infrastructure-rich place to repatriate too. The people of Rivas, Ometepe, SJDS and the rest of the region have a lot more to lose than retirement homes.

Construction is supposed to start in a year, but I don't think it's going to be built. Financial success would be impeded by the already functioning Panama canal 2.0. I've met people who work for in US-Nica relations that don't believe it will ever be completed because of rampant corruption, which has stood in the way of many large development projects.