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    Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonSurf View Post
    Hey, caught a wave yet?
    Actually, 2 weeks ago nailed my first. White water, but whatever. Today is june that would have made it....may 20 something? It was fun, broke, stayed on for about 2 seconds, broke apart. I could have picked a better day and a better spot. Win some lose some I suppose. Oh, and I did freeze my ass off. I also realized smoking is bad mmkay, went back on the vape. Also started back at the gym hard. Apparently cardio is in fact a major aspect of it (thanks for the heads up emass).

    There's some clean stuff coming this week, first for me if it goes per the forecast. I'll snag some pictures of my ill skills hahaha. I haven't gotten any odd looks for the softtop yet (at least not to my face). Reminds me, anyone planning on hitting NH for thurs fri sat? Maybe meet a few of you if you're up there. Look for the kook on the white softtop and ratty old wetsuit.

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