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    Exclamation For SALE! CustomX Rusty Friesen signature and Hubb Fins.

    For Sale! Cheap!
    Dynasty4 with 2 stingers 41.75 Rusty friesen signature CustomX.
    Bat tail, 60/40 rails,and custom surylin bottom.
    Package includes, leash, bag and Jeff Hubb signature Fins with fin savers.
    Complete pacakge $250. Whole thing packed weights about 15lbs,
    Shipped from South Texas, or you're welcome to pick it up.

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    Just to add, the hubb fins are way stiffer than the original Makapus. The board is incredible and the bat tail makes it really maneuverable.
    The whole thing there is worth probably around $450 new, including leashes, fin savers and bag.

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    Nice board. I'd take the board/leash/bag but 2 stringers in polypro is too stiff for my local spot. What's the custom bottom look like? Post a pic!

    Also, ur foot looks tiny. What's up with that?

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    Yah, and what size are the fins?

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    Fins are Large.
    I have a size 10 US foot size? It does look tiny on the pic hahaha

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    and another one...

    Extra pic...

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    Still available guys, the last person that wanted it demanded free shipping to Mexico. Can't do that..
    Does anyone want the whole thing for $200? I'm willing to let it go for that.