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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    Florida has a lot of shark attacks because sharks prefer white trash when they're out garbage hunting.

    (that's kinda just kiddn, DSUP, who's your buddy)
    No you're right, too bad they don't do a good enough job, lazy SOB's

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    Mosquitoes cause more deaths in North America than do sharks.
    they also affect canadiens. one time at assateague i saw a panicked canuck pour gasoline all over
    his body to ward off bugs…i asked him if he wanted a cigarette..

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcoop View Post
    Florida has more attacks...not because the make up of the beach, but the waters are just plain warmer for a longer period and they have a greater variety and numbers.

    When we surf fish for red drum in Maryland, it can be constant shark action...I mean non stop...5 can get so bad, that we just give up...they tear up some chit, constantly changing leaders and replacing rigs because we get bit off. Most of the sharks are brown (sandbar) sharks...get spinners too...there are tons of sharks here in Maryland...mostly brown, sandbar, dusky, and sand tigers...with a good run of spinners in August. Spinners are my favorite...kinda like makos when fighting...nothing like seeing them jump and spin when sharkin from the surf zone.

    IMO, We have sharks for 4 months here in Maryland. Florida has them for 12 months, area dependent, and tourists can be in the water just as long. It's statistically just makes sense why Florida seems to be the worst...and with a huge coastline.
    I think even in the summer months, individuals in the SE and FLorida all spend more time per day, total in the water. I used to go in and swim in the ocean for 10-15 minute in the summer in OC MD, but I wouldn't go out playing in it for an hour. 80+ degree water in Florida and Hawaii, along with all of their coastline's size and water clarity just encourages people to be in the water, as long as they want to. I spent more time each day in Hawaii than I have in my entire life on any other days. Not just because it's a 2 week vacation, because everything about the place is centered around the ocean, and when it's so comfortable and so inviting, it just increases the numbers of people that are in it and for how long they will perform their recreational activities. Not sure if there is a science to that, but every year when I read about the Shark Stats and stuff from Hawaii, they always mention how people that visit Hawaii spend more time in the water than when visiting other coastal regions internationally. And to me, Florida is the closest thing to HI, as far as water temps and clarity that you will find in the continental US... Yes, I said it, Florida is the Hawaii of the continental US.