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    Beach break for breakfast at high tide. Beach break for lunch at low tide. And another non sensible beach break close out for dinner. Starving for a line here. Where have all the sandbars gone?

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    192nd st has been firing lately, dont tell anyone

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    The OC Inlet at high tide has been doing an impression of Backdoor meets the Wedge. A two foot Backdoor/Wedge nonetheless.

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    33rd was fun Sat and then Sunday when it was supposed to be better, it was not. I have learned that OCMD is fickle as H3ll. the shallowness of the place is good and bad. Such a different wave to surf compared to other areas where there is some contour to the beach. I have learned that NJ is better.. coming from someone who grew up every summer in OCMD. It does have its days but I think the shallow sand and lack of contour/jetties is an issue for surfering there.

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    Well. I am sure word gets around fast. I often wondered about that stretch of beach north of Fenwick that's uninhabited. You know as surfer's we are always so hopeful there is something better around. I will check out a couple other spots soon. Been going to OCMD since I was 14 and have lived there 2 years and it seems like it's getting worse. Lived in OBX for 3 years in 2006-2009, so last few years I just opted to go there instead of MD. NJ...localism. Surfed AC last year and the water was dirty...some local said it was a clean day. I know NJ has it's good spots. Surfed Holyoke awhile back head high & clean. Recently, I surfed Muzienburg Africa in Feb and man, I forgot what a nice solid wave and line was like. No trying to rip a 5' section of a wave for 3 seconds. It was real rampy and you could snake your way down the line with no wave breaks or sections to get around and set up for an air or just cruise it out. Haven't surfed a wave like that since I was in Cabo Del Sol at Los Tules. Wanna surf a wave that makes me feel pro, not desperate and amateur. BUT...have to take what we got right in front of us for now...for now.