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    Dog lovers are annoying

    First off lets get one thing clear about wolves. They kill coyotes in tremendous numbers. Look what happened in Yellowstone. Oh and wolves do kill for a thrill/FUN like most predators. They'll also kill each other. This is not a Disney movie. GET REAL! So be realistic. So what do you think a coyote is? Closer to a dog than wolf especially in size. What do you think will happen to your pet dog if a pack of wolves crosses his path without a person around? They kill people's pet all the time in areas they exist. People bring their dogs in to avoid being eaten my mountain lions and wolves. Lets just be honest about that. Wolves are not "nice" animals like deer. Just be honest. They will tear your dog to pieces. This is not "pro wolf hunting". It's just a reality check for people who think people that hunt wolves LEGALLY should be executed. Talk about sick people on this message board. Absolute lunatic fringe.

    Now that being said,

    Excellent debate on here about american's sick obsession on dogs and pets.
    Of course it turned into personal attacks. It was heavily modded and posts deleted.
    But unfortunately, on here I'm totally outnumbered by a bunch of wacko's that like animals more than people and quite frankly lack compassion for other humans(which ironically what they hate about other people .They don't realize they hate themselves) Yankee thought it was great that one person(a 16 year old twit) recently got bit by a shark. Some really sick individuals on SI.

    Many(NOT all!) of the dog lovers out there are truly quite sickening. They value a dog over a person. It's always a persons fault when a dog attacks someone. "My dog doesn't bite". That's a classic. Same line used when their OFF LEASH dog attacks your dog that is properly leashed as well! When that fatal dog attack occurred in San Fran by a vicious presa canario raised by white supremacist the owners didn't even seem to care. Got to love it when they let their dog **** all over as well and run them off leash against the law all the while having ZERO control over the animal. Incredibly irresponsible. These supposed dog lovers don't even understand their dogs body language or how to communicate with them. When the dog acts aggressive they pet the dog to soothe him....IDIOT. The dog sees that as reward! The affection is reward for good behavior. UGHHH. How do you own a dog and not know that? The worst are the irresponsible people with pitbulls/rottweilrs and a bunch of other potentially dangerous alpha breeds that have WAY too much dog for them to handle. It's like leaving a loaded gun out in the street. They even let them roam because their too lazy to walk them. Also, got to love people too lazy to clean up after their dog. Just nasty walking on the beach in off season. Wish lifeguards were on duty in fall/spring

    This same preversion of dog loving and hatred of humans/culture(pro nature...hang a human mentality...really sick people) that exists on this message board also leads people to care more about fish(shark) than people's safety as well. It also leads to lies. Hell one shark conservationist said GW sharks attack because their afraid of people. Yes I'm not making that up.

    Yes and wolves and your dog will likely become friends...Good luck with that. Possible, yeah, but just as likely for them to gang up and kill your dog.
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