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    Quote Originally Posted by zach619 View Post
    Didn't see a TC on the list. I meant whatever is short for "Troll of the year"... Or whatever you would call a guy who chimes in, drops jesus' name for no reason and then jets.
    Thought you meant Tc***. "Kook of the Year" applies to all of this - basically not knowing how to conduct oneself in the waters of this lineup. That goes for trolling and all such repulsive acts of kookery.

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    do we have a napoleon of the year? (NOTY) Guess who I nominate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcarter View Post
    DOTY- Douche of the Year.
    Meh, I'm pretty sure thats shart-huffer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HighOnLife View Post
    Meh, I'm pretty sure thats shart-huffer.
    I would agree, Shart Smeller is waaaayyyyyy worse than Roy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HighOnLife View Post
    Meh, I'm pretty sure thats shart-huffer.
    NOTY and DOTY


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    I think you should add a category for "Garrett McNamara of the Year," which will be awarded to the member who claims riding the biggest surf and/or tells the most tales.

    Also a, "Rick Kane of the Year," to be awarded to the member who has the most unfounded stoke, and blind optimism concerning this whole surfing thing.

    Also a, "Jeff Spicoli of the Year" to be awarded to the most surf dedicated, drug-addled loser on the boards.

    Emass, I don't know if you were being facetious or not, and I did miss a few months of this year, but your picks are God-awful.

    Not much of a conspiracy with me and my handles. I get banned, and that name gets retired. My characters don't get banned for a day or a week, it's always permanent. Go figure. That pretty much sums up the conspiracy for that.

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    il be happy with the spicoli of the year lol.

    whats the category for most screen names created in a year?rilonger will be with us shortly to fuss on how his bestfriend/alter ego,douche hunter got made fun of on here.i feel bad for that kid,seriously,school must be hard lol.

    also whos claiming avatar of the year.i don't even know how those things work,like how do u put one up.if mine is parko with a mullet I guess it worked but I don't see anything when I post

  8. Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    Time is flying brahs, thus we look to keeping watch on those members putting forth performance worthy of both fame and infamy. Just like the MLB pennant race, we can remain vigilant on the leaders of all categories. Perhaps it will even motivate several to bettering their standing in their category of choice. Please stay on task here and list your nominations for this year's Swellies and offer justification for each. This is an opportunity for us to have some laughs and take some pride in the community that we spend much (or too much!) time in together.

    The categories are below and include my personal picks, which should in no way influence yours especially since I don't know a damn thing.

    Member of the Year (MOTY) - I'll refrain from any nomination at this time. Too many marquee career performances this far from too many members. Don't want to overhype one of them as there are really a lot of horses in this race.

    Rookie of the Year (ROTY) - metard. May as well engrave the trophy now. Honestly, this dude is a lock for multiple Swellie awards and perhaps even the previous category.

    Kook of the Year (KOTY) - SH. Too easy. We can mail this one in. Not like there's zero competition this year but his portfolio is a clincher.

    Bromance of the Year (BOTY) - 757surfer & Killa Kiel. We've heard little from the Dynamic Brüo in recent weeks although this double-headed monster has smacked more hi-fives, lips and split-tail in the first quarter than any other will do the rest of the year.

    Post of the Year (POTY) - anything by metard. This bro absolutely kills it on the pounds of tread impact per word written. The Beast of Brevity has stepped on the SI scene and shott out epic posts like a civil rights hose. They're basically all the same damn 3-8 word post so I vote for them all.

    Tread of the Year (TOTY) - The Punk Rock Thread courtesy of sandblasters. 14 pages of reverence to our musical inspirations of badassery. All generations of SI folk have taken delight in this tread that remains pristine and productive. sandblasters somehow spelled all words properly this time yet his trademark piss-poor grammar is alive and well in the OP. Thanks for the stoke brah!

    Fight of the Year (FOTY) - SH vs. the world. He gets knocked down, but he gets up again. Well, he doesn't actually get up, but he does manage to get back on his stomach. A glutton for punishment and the magnet of all SI hate.

    Hater of the Year (HOTY) - yankee. In the land of vitriol (SI), perhaps the most coveted Swellie is the HOTY. To the ends of self-promotion and hate-doping, many a forum member has championed their own cause and racked up justification for their vote. There are several threats to the title, yet no one thrives off localist hate more than the A$$hole of Assateague.

    Wahine of the Year (WOTY) - Betty. Our dear Beatrice was clearly a standout woman in 2013. However, in this calendar year she has posted more regularly, pioneered new scams and schemes with her harem of the Real Bettys of Fort Pierce, and also tolerated our misogynist arses to da max. The matriarch and queen mum of this break is the true WOTY.

    Conspiracy of the Year (COTY) - The many faces of SBJ/PJB. This serial self-reincarnator added to his baker's dozen of forum identities beyond belief since his multiple suspensions and bannings this year. Rumor has it that Micah is getting direct deposit payments from government assistance to not ban him further.

    Member Achievement of the Year (MATY) - seanmcgaff for his brilliant videos. Lots of competition for this one but seanmcgaff leads the way not only for his skill and style in both surfing and film editing but also for his humble approach to involving all of us in critiquing his fine work and making it something we can all share in and be proud of. This braddah certainly keeps the waters clean and the fish tacos are on me next time I'm out at Salt Creek.

    Swell of the Year (SOTY) - May 30 to June 3 Northeast. Hopefully this gets displaced by many a named storm in months ahead. Still, 12-second period swell for days on the EC is the stuff dreams are made of - and muscle-bound stock brokerage, too.
    So... Exactly how long have you been unemployed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Son Bather Bob View Post
    So... Exactly how long have you been unemployed?
    This SBB account puts the tally up to 18 for the COTY.

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    Hey Emass, thanks for the honor! What a blast

    You guys are all hilarious! Keep the fun coming