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Grommet, do you know how much the Catamaran costs per night? I want to say last time. I checked it was a little over two bills. Now someday when you're paying for your own wax and who knows maybe a surf trip or two, you might feel the need to economize. The youth hostel I alluded to is 3 blocks from the Catamaran and even closer to the surf. It also cost about 25-30$ a night, or at least that's what was about 15 years ago.

Nice thing about youth hostels is that there are adventurous types there, most of them with sexy accents and lowered inhibitions.
Yeah, the shared rooms in OB were going for like $10 per night about 12-13 years ago. People were camping out there for months at a time. Not sure what the going rate is, but it's not that much....

And I can't stress this enough, Southern California is filled with strange people, that think a little differently than most, so you would be surprised what kind of a "room" you may be able to score for a few months for next to nothing.

I.E. Found a room to stay in at this Hippy Chicks house for a couple weeks when I moved there. She said she had a back injury, but if I helped her clean up her house and move some of her furniture, I could stay there as long as I want, for FREE.

There are tons of people doing business travel, people out of work that need help with rent. I have been BAFFLED by the things I have found on SD craigslist. Free surf boards, free fins, a free wetsuit....

Just throw a post up saying the deal that you are in. You are trying to flop in SD for XX amount of time... Blah blah... You could get someone hitting you back saying you can crash with them for $100 a month. You never know.

Every sob story I have EVER posted out there has been met with FREE services. Not kidding. I jacked my Jeep up years ago off roading on Fiesta Island, I put a craigslist sob story asking for someone to look at it for free, cause I couldn't afford it... This guy on coronado told me to bring it down. He was retired Navy. He not only looked at it, but fixed it completely free and worked on it for about 2 hours. I was blown away...

Works every time... To date, I have not encountered a murderer or crazy person, so good luck with that.