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    1. Fly to Padang
    2. Find a boat with an empty bunk to glom onto.
    3. Repeat and never return to frozen Canuk land.

    4. Don't cross the border again ever or you'll be banned from Indo for overstaying your visa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nynj View Post
    If I had a choice I'd do Bali. Long flight but 2 weeks is long enough to justify it.
    My god...+100 on this. Anywhere in Indo for two weeks. I think I went for only like 11 days and the plane flights from hell were completely worth it.

    How about El Salvador? There are probably direct flights from Toronto to San Salvador.

    Florianopolis, Brazil???

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    +1 on mex

    rio ticla and/or rio nexpa

    or just park at salinas cruz

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    Fugging hell, looks like I can't take 2 weeks off, 1 week max. Guess Bali is out of the question. Mexico sounds sweet though

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    I wouldn't hate on Florianopolis. I had a friend on the west coast who married a girl from there. He would go down once a year with her. He said it is a for real paradise. He said the surf culture there is huge too. He said it feels more like Hawaii than Brazil.

    Mexico is a good call. Go to mainland though, as far south as you can, cause the water on the baja coast is cold all year. Even Cabo only maxes out in the high 70s, which isn't bad, but not "warm" by my travel standards. Its up in the 80s on most of the mid to south mainland coast.

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    Western Central America gets some good south swells this time of year. PSSR posts a surf report every day and it looks pretty cool. I've had really good surf in Costa Rica this time if year. Ever hear of pavonnes?

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    After the winter you buggers endured go somewhere stupid hot and tropical

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    Fly in to Cabo and rent a car. Pretty much everything from Cabo to Punta Abreojos faces southerly and is usually no smaller than waist-high in the summer. You can leave everything at home and rent boards and other niceties. Prices are way reasonable and is generally safer for gringos than spots in Sinaloa, Michoacán or Oaxaca. Pretty much everybody speaks English and takes U.S. dollars. Perfect for visiting Canucks with a limited time window.

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    P town has had some epic swells lately

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    Quote Originally Posted by HighOnLife View Post
    Uuuuuuuuuuhhh, pretty sure thats the deepest trench in the ocean am I wrong?
    you are correct! go for a surf out there, can probably do some tow in stuff, I'm read that trench breaks like cortes bank. you might even run into this fellow out there