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Thread: College surfing

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    College surfing

    Going to be applying to colleges this upcoming fall and am looking for a college that is right next to the ocean. distance 1-5 miles away I don't want any of that BS that going to Rutgers will put me an hour away from the beach if I drive. I am from New Jersey and am trying to get out of the this state at least. I've been looking at surfermags top 10 and other ones but they always seem to leave out some of the best colleges. So what I am asking is name a college and write either your experience or what you have heard about.

    UCSB- I have visited the campus and there is a beach on campus you just have to walk over a lagoon. From what I have read the waves are better in other places but as far as warm weather warmer waters and a solid education this seems like a no brainer.

    UNCW- Everything that I have heard has said this school is crap. From the waves only being good 15% of the time to trying to find a job out of college being impossible.

    UCSD- This school is hard to get into, Especially out of state. Anyway San Diego is rumored to have the most consistent waves for SoCal therefore there is no way I could go wrong with going here. (visited the campus)

    Pepperdine- One of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen. Also it is stationed in Malibu and a great break is down the hill from the school. Problems: I am a short boarder and might have to hunt a little more for waves in the Malibu area, the school is very strict when it comes to mixing genders, alcohol and drugs, and parties. (visited the campus)

    Background info: 1900 SAT's have a 4.30 GPA and will have taken 6 AP courses after senior year.

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    UNCW has one of the top marine biology and business schools around. Now finding a job at any NC beach town is going to be very difficult compared to a larger inland city.

    Like the other numerous threads we have had about this I will say one thing, DO NOT pick a college based on the ability to surf. Pick a college based on your area of study and the field you want to go into when you graduate. Get a good education then you can earn a good living and live at the beach and/or take trips to exotic locations to surf. Sounds like you are going about this all wrong considering your comment about Perpperdine being strict on alcohol and drugs and parties. I know you are just a kid and this seems cool to you now but you will regret it later. I applied to UNCW and Campbell Univ (small Baptist college in NC that does not allow girls in boys rooms or alcohol drinking ever!) got into both. Choose Campbell beacuse their business school was better and that is what I wanted to do. Now I make over a great living and have a job that gives me 4 weeks off a year so I can pretty much surf whenever there are waves plus make enough money to travel and buy boards whenever I want. Point is don't throw away your future to have easy access to a surf spot for 4years of your life.

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    I play college baseball and I've seen some pretty cool campuses when we have away games. Played at University of Hawaii.. speaks for itself. Played at UCSB this year, awesome choice but since I played there in March there has been a city wide riot in April and the shooting that was all over the news a few weeks back so not sure what thats all about.

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    OP bro, props to you for a fine HS academic career. Your family must be very proud and if I ever have a kid that does as well as you have then I'll certainly support their aspirations. You are able to write and communicate well and that's a dying breed in your circle of peers. You've also understandably stayed out of trouble. Props bro. Stay gold, Ponybuoy.

    You don't mention your intended major, not that it's make or break. That could sway your choice. Tough to go wrong with a large state school though. You're right on about Pepperdine being picturesque. Almost looks fake. Did not know about the parietals there. Have you considered SDSU or USD? Two great places in their own right.

    Brah, props again for responsibility and achievement. Make sure to keep that your standard in college and beyond rather than being a late bloomer on the renegade end like many do.

    As the great kidrock from SI says, " Paz y Olas !"

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    There's F.I.T. in Melbourne, FL.

    Sebastian Inlet is 20ish minutes south and you've got about 6 weeks of spring break shenanigans 45 min. north in Daytona. Plenty of jersey folks there least there were many moons ago when I attended.

    Notice I said attended not graduated. For an explanation see the first sentence.

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    Someone just said it, but Florida Tech in Melbourne, Florida is a beautiful school with excellent academics. I almost went there myself but had to pick better academics over surfing. You could look to the Northeast as well, some of the Rhode Island schools are not bad for surfing, but it seems like you want to head west.

    My word of advice if you are looking to the UC schools, make sure you meet all of there requirements to get in. When I went to apply you needed a lot more classes to get in than just the classes my high school required me to take (for me it was 2 art classes). They are also crazy expensive, so make sure the surfing is worth it.

    I would first look to schools that have your major and that meet you academic standards, then chose the surfing. Your schooling is much more important because you only get one chance at that, you can surf your whole life.

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    Roger Williams in Bristol has dorms on the ocean. Salve Regina is literally on R***les. URI is Gansett area.

    And the University of Spicoli is located on the foremost beachbreaks, points, and reefs of New England. Admission is limited to the top/bottom 1% of worldwide misfits at that institute, however.

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    Ok... I wrote this whole long winded post, and before I posted it, I looked up and saw your GPA and SAT score. Honestly, if I were you I would just suck it up, forget about surfing for a couple years and choose the best school for the program you want to be in. Your in a situation where you could be accepted into some of the best schools in the country, do not pass that up because you want to surf! Go to a world renowned school and get a degree in finance, commerce, or business admin and don't look back. Set yourself up to be successful, and then you can surf the rest of your life.

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    Pepperdyne and the UC's are obscenely expensive even if you're an in-stater. Are mommy and daddy footing the bill, are you paying your own way/taking out loans, or are you expecting a scholarship?

    1. If you're a trust fund baby, why not just head for Hawaii?
    2. If you're paying your own way, take a "gap year" and backpack/surf the coasts of Europe, N. Africa and Asia.
    3. Scholarship/after gap year; do what others have said and get a good education first, then use that fat degree to browbeat your way into a job near surf. College is just a few years. If you're going to be a working stiff, you'll actually have to learn something in College and make decent grades/land a co-op or internship if you want a job. The upside is that you can get some jobs in sick locations that will allow you to surf great waves for 5-6 hours a day for the rest of your life, almost as much as any trust funder.

    HOWEVER; you're probably going to have to chose between your career and surfing at some point. You can get a decent job, make enough money, and surf your brains out; or you can work a lot, make a ton of money, and surf on the side.

    As for your proposed options (that I know):
    UCSB has good surf off Campus point. It's an easy bike ride to **n**p** which can get epic. Plenty of other spots in range, especially if you have a car or can bum rides. Best in winter.

    Pepperdyne doesn't have any surf out front that I know of. You have to ride down to Malizoo or points south and break out the knives or ride north to *t*** *o***, *it*** *um*, *ig ****, or Zuma. That's a pretty long haul on a bike. If you have motorized wheels then the world is your oyster from Pepperdyne. Word to the wise: surf along the entire stretch of Malibu coast sucks all winter long and only gets good in the summer. So a typical student's schedule will leave you screwed unless you're willing to drive an hour north or south.

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    Intended major is very important so i will add it, however I was kind of just looking for an improved version of surfermags top 10 colleges. I was trying to be vague about certain things so that others may also use this as a source.

    I don't really have an intended major I just have preferences. I am very math oriented so finance, accounting, and business are three subjects that I am going to further explore. Also I am contemplating a more physics kind of major such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering or possibly electrical engineering.

    EmassSpicoli, it is very funny that you mentioned USD and SDSU because those are my number 1 chose and number 3 chose receptively. Both USD and SDSU have a good business and engineering programs.

    Those who say just go to the best school, it is really not just that simple. Yes i want to get a good education, yes I want to be able to make a comfortable living but I don't want to lose myself at the same time. Also I have many of friends in college or have graduated and what I have come to understand is college is only what you make of it. If you put in the work, make good connections, and don't get into to much trouble things will just kind of fall into place.