Okay my dudes and dudettes. Can't believe no one has started an actual WC thread. I know we all discussed the atrocities going on down in Rio leading up to this.

But it's here. No Donovan. Altidore is out with a blown hammy. We have to move Dempsey up front because Jürgen Klinsmann thought it was SUCH a great idea to leave the most decorated US player in the history of the game off the roster.

Anyway, who do I want to win? USA, Germany, Italy... In that order.

I am Italian and German.

I think Germany has the best chance to win out of my favorite squads. Germans were nasty 4 years ago and even nastier this year. Straight soccer machines.

I just hope ANYONE but Mexico or Brazil wins. I wouldn't mind if anyone but Brazil won from South America, or even a team like South Korea...

Who I don't want to win: Anyone besides Germany or Italy from Europe. No one from Africa. No one from the middl east. NO MEXICO. No Russia...

Otherwise I am good. I basically oppose any nation with a huge political opposition to us, or nations that I just generally don't like... I.E. Russia.

USA, USA, USA..... We are in the group of death... But if we can pull off one more win, I think we will advance. Hopefully we can win Sunday and put up a few goals.

I played soccer all the way through college, but it's only during the World Cup that I really get amped up for Soccer at all here in the US.

My wife's cousin played for many years for the US, so that was always fun rooting for a family member, but he retired two years ago.... No more dogs in the fight.