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    good luck this summer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southsidesurfer View Post
    I see your point. I meant it more for the fishing part because I was thinking it had to do with the ocean and because I know that there are people from OC here. I didn't mean it like actual advertising, though I guess it came off that way. We dont really need all the business that advertising gets. I'm just saying, but there are lots of threads that have literally nothing to do with surfing or even the ocean in this forum, and it bores me half to death. But thanks again. Now anyone who actually cares...?
    Well man I would venture to say that the companies who pay to advertise on here would care. Fact is you posted a plug for your shop location and all. This is advertising. We can post all the non surf related stuff we want to, hell there is a non surf related section on here but advertising is listed in the rules as a no no. Glad you are keeping the family shop running and sorry to here about your grandfather man but like Gaffer said there has been a glut of folks posting about their businesses on here latley and this is not the right outlet for that.

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    you're totally advertising. you tool.