took my wife and nieces to ocean city new jersey today. love it there, south being my preferred end for the relatively relaxed vibe. heading down west avenue, a pedestrian approached the corner. i didn't know what his next move was going to be, but i sure did not expect him to meander into traffic. being in a car, on a road, not at a stop sign, i thought the right of way was mine. the pedestrian shot me a dirty look because in ocean city there are usually two kinds of people on foot: the touron/kook/shoob/whateveryoulike who feels entitled due to the ridiculous amount of money they are paying to stay the week, and the locals who cling to the whole 'i do what i want in my town' way of thinking. as it turns out, there is a third kind of pedestrian these days. he was an undercover cop on a mission to weed out potential criminals who don't slam on their brakes if it appears someone on or near a street corner may be thinking about toying with the idea to casually stroll out into traffic without doing that thing they were, or at least should have been taught as a child, which is to look both ways. sure enough 50ft down the road i was waved in, ironically, by a uniformed officer who just walked right out in front of my car pointing to the shoulder. after being pulled over, giving my ID and my wife giving hers, and giving the ages of our nieces, and having both of our names run through their computers to make sure "you don't owe anything to the state" we were let go. he was kind enough to only give me a $54 dollar ticket for not having my niece in a car seat. she is 7, and apparently the law now says 8 and under requires a car seat. that is fine, what the ******** ever, but he acted as though he was doing me a favor. you see, a ticket for not stopping for a pedestrian is much more expensive and gets you two points on your license. what the actual ****? now don't get me wrong, i dont want free reign to mow down idiots who are in the crosswalk and just going too slow for my taste, which happens all the time. with that, i deal. this rule is saying that IF a person is at the corner and, i guess, looking at the intersection like they want to cross, you must hit the brakes as hard as you need to (this is a 35mph road) to stop, assuming they will go whether you stop or not. i could go on for much longer, saying things like 'darwin is rolling over in his grave', and 'will the city of ocean city reimburse me when i get rear-ended for stopping for what appears to be no reason to the person behind me?' i wont, though, because i've spent far too much time typing already. what i will do from now on is whenever i am on foot, i will **** with traffic so goddamn badly they will rue the day this law was passed, and as a driver i will stop at ridiculous times and places 'just in case' that person standing at or near the corner wants to cross. if i don't make the system work for me, i will surely kill myself before i can rationalize what good this could possibly do for a world already full of oblivious retards. thank you and good day.