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Thread: Cartagena?

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    I am looking to take a trip to Cartagena or Barranquilla in Jan/ Feb. Anyone ever been, any tips, decent spots etc. Thanks

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    Been to CTG a couple of times. Didn't surf in those years, but there's waves on the Caribbean side. Just not as consistent or as good as on the Pacific side. For extracurricular fun, try La Dolce Vita in Lagito not far from the Hilton. You'll be ruined for life.

    Be careful at night. And, there are some locations in CTG that you really do not want to go, day or night. Wouldn't recommend changing money on the street. The money changers are a rough lot, scams are common no matter how worldly you may be, and people have been known to get assaulted & all their money taken on the spot.
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