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    Jason Guest

    Where to surf on the Delmarva tomorrow????

    In town visiting my bro and have the opportunity to get to the beach tomorrow morning for a bit of fun on a borrowed fun board. Haven't surfed the MD/Delaware area in 10+ years but I was thinking Indian River or Assateague but I have no clue as to what is breaking best these days. I'd prefer to stay out of the shore break since I'll be on a log of a board and away from OC as I imagine it will be a weekend nightmare. Any suggestions on what/where might be breaking best tomorrow AM? Thanks... and don't worry about me kooking up your favorite spot.... I know my place in the lineup as a visitor.

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    just stay out of the OC south surfing beach.

    we do not need any more people

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    Where to surf?

    If you're up for a short road trip, may I suggest New Jersey. Good waves and friendly locals

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    icey....josh can shut his hole. And stop posting surf reports of spots when your retard self is not even from around here. you are the one that needs to go somewhere else, I am sure you just get in the way. so just go away.

    Yes I am just another ez to get along with local.....

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    good spot

    I am not in OC right now I live there but not home. But my brother is there and he went to Assategue yesterday said it was probably one of the best days he has ever had. When you go there the waves are further out, which means longer rides, he said he had a few that were about 15-20 seconds, with chest high waves. So if you feel like making the trip down there it is definitely worth it. But other then that, 46th street is a good spot thats usually where I go. Another good thing about Assatege is that you can surf wherever whenever. But usually the south beaches lower then 48th are the best.

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    48th street