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    5'8 hypto krypto

    Bought a 5'8 hypto krypto 3 weeks ago, surfed it in Mexico for 2 weeks and it worked excellent! However I feel like it is a little big for me. I'm looking to trade it for a 5'6 hypto krypto... board is in perfect condition, will pm pics if anyone is interested

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    How much do you weigh? Just curious because I have a 5' 8" and was thinking the same thing.

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    Tippin the scales at 150 lbs

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    Me too at 150. Let me know how you like the 5'6" if you get it. I know on the Haydenshapes website thats good up to 164lbs. But it just looked small for me but havent been in anything bigger than waist high with the 5'8" yet.

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    never mind just realized this is a hk
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