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I forgot how polluted that river is I don't like to eat anything out of it plus they dumped a sht tone of radioactive waste in it from back in the day when the savannah river site could get away with it.
Google the Tybee Bomb. There is still a live freaking Atom Bomb in the water there. They think is is off the north tip of Tybee at the end of the Savannah River. Watched a cool show on it last month. But yeah, they straight dropped a live atom bomb into the Savannah River like 60 years ago because they were going crash land and they didn't want it to detonate. They have been looking for it for 60 years, with no luck....

There is all kinds of nasty sh** up in that water. Gives me the creeps just looking at it from Riverstreet. Reminds me of the Baltimore Inner Harbor.... I actually knew a guy in Baltimore. People would pay him to free dive the inner harbor when people would drop sh** in. Cameras, whatever. For like $20, this dude would jump in the damn harbor, hold his breath and straight swim to the bottom, and sift through the gunk with his bare hands. And 9 outta 10 times, dude would come up with said item. Can't believe dude is alive. That water is straight filth. Dirty, rotten, industrial filth.

That new Geico commerical of the gecko on the tiny boat is filmed on the inner harbor. You know that this is just an animation, cause a real gecko woulda died on contact with that sh**.