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    Roberts Diamond Fish pros and cons

    Live in RI surfing mostly beach breaks since 1960ish. Riding a Lost 6'2" RNF for the last 8 years for a summer board.

    Bought a used 6'0" Lost Motivator last fall, it's ok but not totally in love with it.

    Anyone tried or bought a Diamond Fish and your experience, I might be able to score one for a good price.

    First I thought White Diamond but I want a little more volume to compete with the LB'ers when it's small. Roberts says its based on that board minus the tail shape.

    The mutant looks interesting but I still want to go vertical when it's decent waves...hmmm

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    Lost motivator is my go to board 90% of te time... do you ride it as a quad or tri... tails too wide for a tri IMO and a quad is way to go with that board. Its a performance fish mixed with a rocket that can catch knee high waves... fall back in love.

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    I am not putting it on Craigslist yet, lol. I do prefer it as a quad though and the feel of the wide tail seems to make it harder to wrap it around or go vertical.
    I'm still adjusting but do like the small wave boards Roberts offers especially the Diamond Fish.

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    not easy to go vertical w motivator..true.. but once your feet are in the sweet spot its all gravy... except in steep waves.. then wide tail messes everything up... too fast.

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    I would love to hear some feedback on the Diamond Fish. I use a White Diamond as my "go to" board when it's consistently waist high and better. That thing got me through winter and I haven't used it in about a month. The White Diamond is an awesome board. I can only imagine what the fish will do...