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    Need Info for 2day's Bertha swell

    I'm in Charlotte right now and reading old threads about the last couple of days. What's the deal today and is it worth driving down to Pawleys today for an overnight?

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    I would travel to NC coast, it was twice the size in the sets. Talked to friend in PI yesterday when I was up North and the window was faily small for some good surf at PI, not too mention power is not a factor.After a marathon session in the water I determined stomach to head with occ. over head sets were coming in all day a couple hours north and you could manage to find a descent spot that was not too crowded. I am sore this morning from the first real summer swell and it feels great, fun swell if your in the right spot.

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    Carolina beach is looking pretty good this morning from what my friends say.
    but i am surfing OIB and the waves are only like knee to waist + occ. bigger sets

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    of course, if you already have a place to stay at pawleys wont be bad. I surfed all day yesterday at Garden City and we had a period of about 3 hours of decent surf. Heading back out in about 5 minutes. Good luck

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    go north. nsc is rapidly loosing swell. should be some leftovers later in the high tide. EI and Atlantic beach are still seeing 3-4'

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    it seems like the points along the coast are getting the most energy and winds have been dicey but light most of the time. most swell is at carolina beach (i spent all day there yesterday, definitely some head to overhead sets), atlantic beach, and frisco.