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    Hudson Canyon focusing swell?

    So Ive been lookin at reports from all over this region throughout this swell and central jersey around northern Ocean County where I am seems to have been gettin the biggest surf from this swell. Ive heard things about refraction and the hudson canyon before and was curious if this was a scenario where a swell gets focused to this region. There have been head high sets here since friday when some were sayin it was only waist high in their area. today was especially solid with overhead sets comin through pretty consistently.

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    with the longer period swells you are going to see a lot of local variability, where the swell is focused more on different areas due to the offshore bathymetry. Also, some sandbars are just able to handle the the long period swells much better than others.

    In delmarva on this swell, some spots were essentially flat, while others were solid. This catches a lot of people by surprise, since we do not frequently see these long period swells.

    I don't think it would be due to the hudson canyon, due to the direction of the swell (ESE/SE) being more or less parallel to the canyon.