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    trip to the north coast of DR

    Does anyone have and recommendations for a trip to the Dominican? I'd like to go for around a month in January im open to suggestions for other places too

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    Anyone? Help me out over here!

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    i've been to punta cana and cap waves

    try cabarete

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    I heard Boca Chica HAD waves. but that was before the great 21st century wave blight.

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    I got ya man. DR is a fickle spot however it can fire. I suggest staying in encuentro to start. There are some nice spots to stay within walking distance to the main beach break. It's a busy break but there are plenty of peaks to grab if there is swell. Usually by 10 it's wind blown. Cabarete is a 15 min moto ride to the east that is good for partying, eating, groceries, but I wouldn't suggest staying in town. It's a extreme tourist crazy hustle. There are really fun spots all along the north coast as you head east. Iam not going to tell you where but I will tell you to get in the water, listen to the chatter and you will find some gems with only a few heads on them. Enjoy

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    ^^ yea Cabarete has some good waves, but is a touristy town, and faces right into the trade winds that come up every day by late morning and shred up the swell. Rio San Juan is a mellower small city about an hours drive up the coast and has some waves that don't get blown out as badly.