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    Quote Originally Posted by leetymike808 View Post

    Other than that a van is only used as a Hobo mansion and those need to be one
    There are two kinds of van drivers out there. And most of us fit into this category. Not the 50k kind.

    I spent 1200 bucks on my van put about 300 dollars worth of plywood and materials into making it so I could get changed in the winter, cook food, and not worry about mold and mildew when I dont feel like/dont have time to go home before work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by my name just does not fit View Post
    I if had 50k id buy a used van and customize it myself for wayyyyyy cheaper and use the rest of the money for travelling and surfing, as would pretty much any other surfer.
    Yes that is definitely an option, and if you have the time and tools to do that, that's perfect for you. But a lot of people don't have the time. Another advantage to buying one new is that you can finance it. So rather than paying a big chunk of money up front, you can get one for only $700 out of your pocket (of course you gotta pay that each month). The price would be similar to an SUV, but we think a Van is a better choice because you have more room for equipment, gear, sleeping, etc...

    We aren't looking for luxury vans just something that can sleep 2-3 ppl and with an engine in good shape that wont break down often
    I completely agree with this... all the forms that have been submitted so far are confirming this as well. Focusing on utility over luxury will definitely be key to success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombieSurfer View Post
    Build me something like the pics below and now we're talking. Perfect surf vehicles, lifted E series vans, 4x4 with plenty of room for gear and sleeping/living space

    Yea those are awesome... but they are also $150,000+ I am talking about a simple but effective vehicle for around $40,000 - $50,000

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurfVanMan View Post
    Yea those are awesome... but they are also $150,000+ I am talking about a simple but effective vehicle for around $40,000 - $50,000
    $150K+?! Dude I'm sure you have much more knowledge when it comes to vans than I, but for 150 large that econoline better have some serious power to go with it, and I'm talkin baja prerunner power. I can't imagine a lifted van costing that much. Unless it's got whale pen!s leather seats like the dartz suv then there is no reason for that high of a price, even new. There's a dealership up here on rt130 in Burlington that sells lifted trucks with a factory warranty and they go for about $50-60k. I could probably pick up a used e150 throw a lift kit with beefy tires on there and a few other goodies all for under 10 grand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MY SAVIOR View Post
    just fishing if you know what I am saying!
    We know what you are saying Mr. Touching the no no spot. You are fishing for dates with young boys for your windowless rape van ya tool.

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    can i order one with "stabbin' cabin" spray painted on the side? maybe some newspaper over the windows? get back to me with a quote.

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